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Q1)  Why should I reduce?


Ans.  The success of a weight reducing program is based on extreme motivation and co-operation on the part of an obese person. You must really want to reduce to look and feel healthy.

Anyone who wants to reduce must feel strongly enough about it so that he or she adheres to a reasonable reducing regimen and adhere to it full time. One cannot follow it three days a week and hope for results. As you will see our IHP Program with a balanced Nutrient diet requires certain adjustments in eating habits. Nothing drastic at all. Just sensible eating. Perhaps substituting fruits for fried foods as a snack. But you have to make these adjustments rigidly. You have to build up your will power. You have to realize that fat is not just a matter of not looking good or a cosmetic problem. It is a major health problem to millions and millions of people in every walk of life.

According to research studies carried out by the Metropolitan Insurance Company of USA, the death rate for obese men ranged 75% higher than that of men of normal weight. For obese women the rate was as much as 61% above normal.

People 7 to 10 kgs overweight have a death rate 10 percent higher than normal. The rate grows proportionally higher with additional kilos (pounds). Similar is the case of Obese persons proneness to diseases of all kinds, which become a nuisance while one lives on. Hence one can say that there is more than glamour in keeping slim, it can be a matter of life and death.

Q2)  What If I do not lose weight immediately ?

Ans.  Try inculcating these IHP Weight Loss Program Rules and you won't have to worry again
No 1 rule:  Do not worry. Have some faith
No 2 rule:  Do not expect miracles overnight. At least not healthy miracles. If you have put on weight over the last10 years, it can't disappear in 10 Days.
No 3 rule:  Give your body sometime to react. Ideally weight movement should happen after a week-and-a-half. Have Faith in yourself. Stick to the meal plan and more importantly the exercise.
No 4 rule:  Ask yourself: Do I feel better? (and not do I look better). If the answer is Yes. Do not worry, the weight movement will happen.
No 5 rule:  The weight scales typically move faster than the person in the mirror. So give yourself four weeks before, you get that sweet little comment from someone who cares and matters.
No 6 rule:  If you are worried and do not see any scale movement: E-MAIL us or write in to our experts. We will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Q3)  Weight loss programs have short lasting effects - One puts on weight again?


Ans.  Most weight loss programs are temporary in nature, that is why you have to be careful in selecting which program is good for you. The manner in which this program is different is that we base our Indiadiets Health Perfect Program on a natural body cycle of loosing weight. This means that we use a combination of diet therapy along with Ayurvedic formulations. These go hand in hand with each other and enable you to loose weight at the rate of 1kg. per week. Since the program is based on pure logic and scientific reasoning it gives you results. You have to try it to believe it, in order to loose weight.

Q.4)  Are there any side effects? Will I lose some hair?


Ans.  None that so ever. Hair loss is due to vitamin deficiencies which can take place whether you are on weight loss or not. There are a lot of reasons for hair loss, one could be having hyperthyroidism, or some skin infection. While loosing weight, if your vitamins intake is correct then there are virtually nil chances of hair loss. However if you have been advised vitamins and if you don't take them, it might result in hair loss due to deficiency. In case of IHP Weight Loss Program, we try to prevent this by recommending you vitamin supplements.


 Q.4.1)  Will I feel weak? In any way?

Ans. In fact you will feel energetic, because you are loosing your load of weight, that will make you move faster. Most of our diets are based on the combination diets and not calorie counting diets, hence they are not starvation diets. So the quantity of food is unlimited, only the type is restricted. You cannot feel weak on such a diet because the nutrient content is high in such diet.


Q.4.2)  Will there be any effect on the skin? Will it loose its luster or glow? Will I get wrinkles?

Ans. In fact it will improve because nutrient content of diet is high Your skin will improve and you will get a look a lot better, you will be more radiant by joining this program. Since the rate of weight loss is 1kg, the skin has much elasticity to contract, it will not give you wrinkles. Yes, if you are beyond 60, it might show mild weight loss around your neck, but that is natural since the underlying fat is removed. But the elasticity of the skin is generally very good below the age of 60.

Q. 5)  How does Indiadiets Health Perfect (IHP) Weight Loss Program work?


Ans. The program works with the simple combination of diet therapy and Ayurvedic formulation along with a brisk walk of 30 minutes, daily, either in the evening or in the morning as per convenience. There is just nothing else beyond this.

Q. 6)  I don't want to take pills?


Ans. The contents of the pill are displayed, if you want to go through them. It is not a secret, most of them contain ayurvedic formulations which helps you to correct your metabolism from within and improve it as per your individual physiology. For instance you may have more vat or cough in your system, so this has to be corrected if you are on the weight loss program. Just following a diet may help you to loose about 4 to 5 kgs. Beyond that you may get stuck, that is when the pill comes in, because they prevent you from getting stuck. That means they will prevent you from lowering your metabolism. If you start your weight loss program with BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) of 1,000 calories, you will end the program with the same metabolic rate. Which means it will be impossible to regain your weight again unlike most other programs. These pills apart from correcting your metabolism, also help you to burn fat effectively. That means the fat is converted into energy because you are taking these pills. These are purely ayurvedic and are 5000 years old and they should be taken up if you want to loose weight effectively. You also have a choice of not taking the pills and doing only with the diet, but there is no guarantee that your metabolism will go down. There is no way we can improve apart from exercise. You could do the exercise and diet and not the pills. You can start taking pills after sometime, you can try it because the cost of the program without the pills is same. You could do the diet for 5 weeks, and from 6th week start taking the pill if you are on a 10 week program.

Q.7)  I have been exercising but have not lost weight - How will IHP program help me?


Ans. Exercise is always used for increasing your metabolism, increasing your skin texture, improving your muscle tone, increasing vitamin update for avoiding depression.

These are the reasons why one should exercise. Weight loss can be seldom achieved by vigorous exercise. You may have to exercise for at least a hour & half every single day, for one month to just knock of about 3 to 4 kgs. which is an impossible task for most people. Hence if you combine with sensible diet programs like Indiadiets Health Perfect (IHP) Weight Loss Program, you could benefit by loosing at least 1kg. per week.

Q.8)  I once joined a Weight Loss Program, lost weight, only to put it back again. How is Indiadiets health Perfect (IHP) program any different?


Ans.  Indiadiets Health Perfect Weight Loss Program helps you to keep your metabolism rate constant, even at the end of the program. This is achieved by the help of our time tested herbal formulations. This means that if you start by burning 1,000 calories, you reach the end of the program by burning the same amount of calories. Hence when you go back to normal diet, you maintain your weight because you are burning the same amount.

In other cases you don't take these herbal medicines, and you don't exercise. Thereby your body gets used to working at a lower metabolic rate i.e. your metabolic rate goes down from 1,000 to 200. Now when you go back to your Normal Diet, the balance of the 800 calories shows up quickly and you regain your weight back fast.

Hence people seldom gain weight on our program. The is further achieved during the maintenance program attached to our weight loss program.

Q.9)  I loose weight and thereby will you help me to stay at the same level also?


Ans. Certainly, for 1 months, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months depending upon what course you are joining, the maintenance months will let your body settle and get accustomed to your new self. The maintenance months come as a bonus with each diet program and at no extra cost.

Q.10)  When I do dieting on my own I feel very weak and am unable to do even my routine work?


Ans. Normally when people go on a diet on their own they start counting calories and hence the food quantity is reduced automatically. Calories are reduced. So less nutrition goes in - vitamins and minerals in your system. Naturally you feel week and you will be unable to do work. Where as on this program, main thing is that we are not counting calories on any type of the diets. It is based on food combination. The quantity of food eaten does not matter. It is the type of food we eat that matters. All the types that we select are high in nutritive value and since the quantities are unlimited the person is never weak.

Q.11)  I am a heart patient? Can I do IHP Weight Loss Program?


Ans. Well it will benefit you. You are the right kind of person who actually needs a weight loss program. Regular, healthy , obese people do it for cosmetic reasons. You will actually be doing for health reasons. Your triglyceride levels would go down, your lipid profile will improve. You could probably check these after a month of being on the program, you can take your reports to day. You could find a lot of difference. In case your triglycerides and cholesterol are fine you will benefit since weight loss is beneficial for a healthy heart.

Q.12)  I am a cancer patient?


Ans. Well this is also beneficial to cancer patients. In this case the rate of weight loss should be slightly slow because the levels of immunity need to be maintained high (& that's very important). So we make you loose approximately ½ kg in a week.

Q.13)  I am a diabetic. Can IHP help me?


Ans.  Unless you can monitor your own blood sugar, and you are not on insulin. If you are not on any of the oral medicines for hyperglycemia then it will be easier. As a result it will just be the diet you are handling. (if you are type II diabetic).

Q.14)  I have a very high cholesterol level?


Ans.  Then you are a perfect candidate for our IHP weight loss program. Your cholesterol level will certainly go down whether you like it or not.

Q.15)  I have Bone degeneration?


Ans.  Well you could be put on certain diets, which will help in bone formation, along with the weight loss program. This can be kept in mind during your program administration.

Q.16)  I have urinary / renal problem?


Ans.  Well we can treat you with hydrotherapy, where we could give you lots of water to take during the program. We think you will be Okay with that.

Q.17)  I have high blood pressure?


Ans. Your B.P. could go down & you can do the program. If you are on any BP medicine , then after loosing 8 to 10 kg. You will have to keep in touch with your family physician. In all likelihood the program will make you reduce your dosage, as on the program your blood pressure will come down towards normal. This might prove too much for you, you may have to reduce your dosage of medicine or stop it completely & what else could be better than that.

Q. 18)  I am loosing weight but my face is getting wrinkles?


Ans.  It depends on your age , if you are around 58 years, face would have lots of wrinkles before or after the program. And your chest would go down to the extent , that it was at that particular weight. So you can't have the legs of 75 kgs person, waist of a 52 kg person & the chest of a 65 kgs. person. It has to be balanced depending upon what weight you are currently. Measurement increase and loss is proportionate to what extent you are at that particular weight and particular age.

Q. 19)  I have been dieting on my own and lost some weight, but thereafter it appears that I have reached a plateau (after 4/5 kgs) …. How can IHP Program help me?


Ans. This means that you have been eating less and your body has got used to that less amount of food intake and hence the body has stopped burning fat. Where as what we do is to prevent that plateau with: a) Herbal medicines that never let you reach that plateau. b) There are some combination diets which when you follow weight loss has to take place.

However still, unless we don't check you out and we don't confirm from our side whether it is really a plateau or not, we cannot agree with what you are saying. Infact we don't think you could have reached a plateau, losing any 2 to 3 kgs. When you are doing it on your own you are just counting the calories and not taking the herbal combination diets. Doing it by yourself and coming to a professional set-up does make a difference somewhere.

Q. 20)  To control high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, which oil should be used for cooking ?


Ans.  All the oils have the same calorie values. Therefore one is not more fattening than the other. However the type of oil you use has a great bearing on Heart health. Groundnut oil is beneficial for health.

Q.21)  How to consume soyabean in daily life?


Ans.  Add Soya atta to wheat atta in the ratio of 1:10. The taste and texture of the chapattis made out of this atta will be the same as the normal wheat chapattis.

Q. 22)  What should one eat for a healthy and glowing skin?


Ans. Drink a glass of raw vegetable juice everyday for at least a month, made from half bunch of spinach plus two carrots OR two carrots, two tomatoes and one beet.

Q.   How many calories do I have to burn to lose one pound? Query by Mrs. A Verghese

A.  Answered by: Ms Shubi Husain, Consultants Nutritionist.

The short answer to your question is that, to lose a pound of body fat, you have to burn off approximately 3,500 calories above and beyond the number of calories needed to maintain your current weight.

Your question provides a good launching point to talk about the mathematics of weight loss and our concept of Negative Calorie Balance. Let's say you want to lose 20 pounds -- that means you'd have to burn off an extra 70,000 calories (20 X 3,500) through exercise OR create a deficit of 70,000 calories by cutting back on your food intake. This probably sounds like a lot if you only need 1,800 calories a day to maintain your present weight, which may be the case if you are currently not exercising.

If you tackle the weight loss by diet alone, cutting back to 1,200 calories a day, here's the maths of how long it would take you to lose the 20 pounds:

1,800 (daily calories needed to maintain your current weight) - 1,200 (number of daily calories eaten on your weight-loss diet) = 600 (excess calories burned each day that "count" toward weight loss)

Now, take the 70,000-calorie deficit required to lose the 20 pounds and divide that number by the 600-calorie deficit each day on your diet, and it would take you 117 days or nearly four months to lose the weight.

If you add exercise as well as our Ayurvedic formulation into the equation, however, it can speed things up. If you were to only briskly walk for 15 to 20 minutes a day (in addition to following the 1,200-calorie diet) you could burn off an extra 100 calories a day which would enable you to lose the weight in approximately 100 days. And similarly you can reduce it even further when you add our Indiadiets Herbal Weight Loss Formulation to your Diet Routine

Rather than diet, some people prefer to go about things more gradually. It always used to amaze my patients when I told them that if they cut back their calorie intake by just 100 calories a day -- that's the amount in a tablespoon of butter -- or if they increased their activity level by 100 calories a day, they would quite painlessly lose 10 pounds in a year's time!

Be aware, in all of this, that weight loss varies greatly from one person to the next depending on overall body size, metabolic rate, and activity level.

If you're a slow loser, it's important to give yourself credit for any weight movement in the right direction -- and not to be hard on yourself if the scale gets stuck for awhile.



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