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The Franchise Fee & Royalties

‘Health Sanctuary’ Fees and Investment Requirements are one of the simplest and most transparent in the Industry. An upfront partner fee is charged based on the potential of a particular location. Monthly royalty payments are based on the percentage of collections

The Business Partnership Fees:

One-time payment made for a period of 5 years when license is granted. The partner the right to use the ‘Health Sanctuary’ brand name and products. it covers the cost of approving a location and training the management of the business partner.

Royalty Fees:

We charge a royalty fees based on the total monthly billing. It is a recurring payment made by the partner to ‘Health Sanctuary’ on a monthly basis

Our Services
Skin Treatments
Anti Aging
Facial Rejuventation

Advantages as a Partner We provide a support system for all those with whom we work. We believe in the power of interpersonal communication and implement this belief in all communications with our clients and Business Partner alike. An established and reputed brand on the up curve of the Business Life Cycle: Health Sanctuary as a brand name is synonymous with Lifestyle & Wellness. It is a premier brand in Weight Management and Skin Care industry. Assistance in setting up of the Business:For Health Sanctuary, the sky is the limit. We have been aggressively expanding and have successfully launched a couple of Weight Management and Skin Care Centres that are unique in every proposition. The Exclusive Med Spa launched recently at Sector 15, Faridabad bears testimony to that. Regular Ongoing Support: As already said before, we believe in nurturing a blooming relationships with our partners. We provide all possible support at every level in our joint endeavor.

To enable our clients to be physically fit, healthy and look attractive.

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What Our People Says

Veena Joseph
I lost 10 kgs in just 4 weeks. The combination of weight loss procedures were real effective. I thank Shubi Husain & her team for personal attention & for attending to even my silliest of weight loss queries professionally. (*Results may vary from person to person)
Anya Mittal
My lucky day to have gone in for Full Figure Correction & Weight Loss thru Cryolipolysis at Shubi Husain's Health Sanctuary Delhi. Reduced a whopping 30 cms off my tummy, thighs & hips. My weight loss experience was amazing. (Results may vary from person to person)
Shirin Khan
Business Dev Manager
I've been with HS & Indiadiets online Diet Plan for 8 weeks now. The menus are easy. Believe me, it is well worth the time and money.... (Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person)

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