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Removal of Moles, Warts And Keloids

If you are searching for safe and painless removal of moles, warts or keloids, then your search ends here. With the help of CO2 Laser machine, Health Sanctuary's experts with decades of experience help achieve desired results without pain and any kind of side effects

Removal of Moles, Warts and Keloids


Moles are common skin growths. Health Sanctuary Clinic offers best and effective options for mole removal in Delhi Ncr. These include shave excision, punch excision or laser removal

Warts are benign tumors or skin growths on the top layer of the skin. They cause pain and discomfort and are considered highly contagious. Warts can be successfully removed through Electrocautery. This is burning away of the warts with a thin, needle-like tool with hot tip. Healing of the spot takes within 2-3 weeks but its safe and with barely any paid.

Keloids are an overgrowth of scar tissue developed under the site of the injury. Treatments include steroid injections, cryosurgery and excision. Steroid injections are injected into the keloid once a month. We remove them all in the safest possible way, taking all standard precautions.

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