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Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Slimming services at Health Sanctuary clinics provide the fastest 360-degrees non-surgical weight loss treatments. From mesotherapy to cavitation to the latest in fast weight loss programs like cryo-lipolysis / cool-sculpting form around 20 procedures available at Health Sanctuary weight loss center, to choose from. These help provide the perfect combination for 100% safe and fast weight loss.

Best Solution for all Your Weight Loss Problems

Weight Loss and Slimming clinic
HEALTH SANCTUARY® is India's premier chain of Weight Loss services and Anti-Aging Clinics. It is famous for practising world's latest state of the art aesthetics procedures and programs. This leads to providing clients with the most effective and fast weight loss and slimming. Some innovative non-surgical ways to lose weight that you can choose from at HS are CryoLipolysis (Cool-Sculpting), Cavitation-Lipolysis, Double Chin Removal, Fat-Dissolve, Mesotherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy etc.
  • Deep Heat Therapy

    The multi purpose, time tested Deep Heat Therapy for slimming and weight reduction

  • Mesotherapy

    Targets cellulite directly, reducing fat and promoting smoother skin

  • Colon Hydrotherapy

    Complete Detoxification through Ayurveda for slimming and health benefits


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